HMRC’S New Controversial Tax Venture

Taxes, nobody likes them, everybody is required to pay them, and that’s that. However, there are some charges that might be seen as taking the taxing law too far… If you haven’t already got an adult colouring book, there you’re definitely in the minority. Adult colouring books

Gift Aid Conmen Jailed for 15 Years

The two men that conned HMRC out of £5m after claiming tax breaks on false charity donations, have been jailed. John Davies and his son Benjamin organised repayments through the Sompan and Kurbet foundations. These charities provide relief for women and children in poverty, with the Kurbet

Should HMRC Delay Plans For Digital Tax Accounts?

HMRC has already delayed the consultation about digital tax accounts until after the EU referendum on the 23rd of June, but now experts are warning that this may not be long enough. They say that in order to avoid limiting how long businesses have to respond to

How to claim a Tax Refund

You’re eligible for a tax refund if: You have stopped work and have over paid tax in the last tax year You have over paid tax in your pension payments You are employed and have had too much tax taken from your pay You have sent a

More Cuts For The Disability Benefit

The new DWP secretary, Stephen Crabb, has announced this week that he plans on cutting MORE of the disability benefit. He noted that the cuts will be in a bid to cut spending on benefits altogether, and that he expects more than a £12b cut set out