Changes in Pension Tax could see £5bn annual costs

Changes, which have been occurring to the pension tax scheme since 2010, could see over £5bn in costs from the UK public every year until 2035. The discovery was made by the government watchdog, OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility), earlier this month. The changes, originally brought in

Named and Shamed: The Companies that Treat their Workers Unfairly

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of items you buy from popular retailers? We are all guilty of looking of wanting a particular item of clothing so much, or wanting a completely ‘new wardrobe’ that we won’t spare a second thought for anything

What is Income Support: How to Claim and who is eligible

Income Support is a UK benefit aimed at helping those in and out of work who cannot afford to live on the money they have – or support their families on their current income. This guide is for those unsure of whether they are eligible for Income

Moving to the UK: Visa Guide

If you are thinking of moving, studying, or marrying in the UK, and originate from another country, you will need a Visa. There are multiple visas depending on a number of factors. To find a list of these factors, visit the dedicated government visa website. From here you

Labour’s Big Plans to Improve HMRC

There have been reports of HMRC providing a disservice to many over the past couple of years, with overseas tax scandal after overseas tax scandal circulating the media, which we’re sure you are all only too aware of. The apparent incompetence of HMRC has seemed to have

How to Successfully Advertise a Vacancy

Owning a business can be stressful enough but when it comes to hiring staff you want to make sure you get the best. By the best, we mean someone that is going to help your business grow, someone who is going to be loyal, committed, punctual and

Can I check my National Insurance contributions online?

National Insurance contributions are made by everyone in the UK, and allow you to qualify for other benefits such as the State Pension. You pay National Insurance contributions automatically if you are over 16, an employee making £155 a week, or are self-employed and earning more than £5965

Can my Council Tax Band Change?

Council tax bands were introduced in April 1993. They calculate the tax which should be placed on domestic property, and is deteremed by local tax authorities. Your home is assigned to one of eight tax bands (A-H), and each tax band has a set amount of tax you

How to be a Great Employer

Sometimes, employers can be unaware of exactly what makes a great company…well…Great! We’ve compiled a short list of all of the ways an employer can empower and motivate their workers and keep them wanting to strive for more. Flexi time This is great for building trust with