How to Successfully Advertise a Vacancy

Owning a business can be stressful enough but when it comes to hiring staff you want to make sure you get the best. By the best, we mean someone that is going to help your business grow, someone who is going to be loyal, committed, punctual and

Can I check my National Insurance contributions online?

National Insurance contributions are made by everyone in the UK, and allow you to qualify for other benefits such as the State Pension. You pay National Insurance contributions automatically if you are over 16, an employee making £155 a week, or are self-employed and earning more than £5965

Can my Council Tax Band Change?

Council tax bands were introduced in April 1993. They calculate the tax which should be placed on domestic property, and is deteremed by local tax authorities. Your home is assigned to one of eight tax bands (A-H), and each tax band has a set amount of tax you

How to be a Great Employer

Sometimes, employers can be unaware of exactly what makes a great company…well…Great! We’ve compiled a short list of all of the ways an employer can empower and motivate their workers and keep them wanting to strive for more. Flexi time This is great for building trust with

Skills Shortage in the Construction Industry Increases

Less and less people are undertaking careers within the construction industry and the problem has now gotten so bad that the skills shortage has been described to be at ‘breaking point’. The main problem lies in the East Midlands where a report released by Scape Group, an

Setting Up a Charity – The Do’s and The Don’t’s

Setting up a charity can be one of the greatest things you do, and can provide help for thousands of people that need it. However, a charity set up must be done right, and must comply with the rules and regulations of the charity commission if it is

Unemployment Claimants Fall after Brexit

It was the vote that rocked the nation, but as the majority of Britain decided their country would be better off leaving the EU, fears and rumours surrounded the country about just what would happen once we severed our ties with the rest of Europe. One of

Universal Jobmatch Contact Number

0844 248 2557 Universal Jobmatch Telephone Numbers Department Contact Number Universal Jobmatch 0844 248 2557 Head Office 0844 248 2557 Application Assistance 0844 248 2557 Complaints 0844 248 2557 Universal Jobmatch is the Government’s online job search service. Reasons why you may need to call the Universal

Post-Brexit : Experts still unsure about the future

The future for the UK post-Brexit is still uncertain, according to most experts on the economy. Many believe that there is a 50/50 chance of recession in the months following the UK leaving the EU officially. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) has found