Are the ‘Super-Rich’ STILL Dodging Taxes?

It seems there is still an existing failure by HMRC to crack down on the wealthy failing to pay their taxes. The public accounts committee, based in The Commons, has said that a failure to find and condemn wealthy tax dodgers has caused a lot of people

New offices around the country for HMRC

HMRC is currently based in central London. The address for their current main offices can be found below: Advertisment 100 Parliament Street London SW1A 2BQ Although central to London itself, the government body has been criticised for not housing more offices or hubs for large cities away

Parents Left Perplexed by Car Seat Law Change

It seems that there is a lot of confusion that surrounds the DVLA rules and regulations about child car seating, so much so that 66% of parents to children under the age of twelve are not actually aware of the current car seat laws in England and

Job Centre Christmas Opening Hours

Although Christmas is an exciting and generally happy time of year, it is the unfortunate reality that life must also, go on as normal. Opening times of places such as doctors, banks and post offices are often disrupted over Christmas, usually being open less than usual. The

Inheritance Tax Guide

Struggling to understand Inheritance Tax? Below we’ve compiled a guide to Inheritance Tax. What is it, how it’s claimed, and all about Business Relief for Small Businesses. Advertisment What is Inheritance Tax? Inheritance Tax is always paid to the UK government on the estate (possessions, money, property)

DVLA failings in Medical to Fitness Tests

If you are deemed to have a medical condition that no longer means you are fit to drive, then you are asked to surrender your licence to the DVLA until you are fit enough to once again get behind the wheel. It is usually your doctor that

How to Qualify for Universal Credit

  Advertisment Universal Credit is in the process of replacing everyone’s benefits. This process is proving to be an agonisingly slow one, and those that have been on benefits for a while may find that they are still receiving their different types of benefits, rather than one

How to spot a HMRC scam email

Have you spotted an email from HMRC in your inbox recently? Does it look as though something is wrong? Unsure on how to spot a HRC scam email? You’re not alone. The amount of scam emails sent to members of the public from “HMRC” is rapidly on

Overpaid Tax? Here’s What to do Next

Starting a new job can be nothing short of overwhelming, and in the stress of everything, it is easy to forget to hand in the p45 you would have been given from your previous employer – particularly if you were not asked for it to begin with.

Changes in Pension Tax could see £5bn annual costs

Changes, which have been occurring to the pension tax scheme since 2010, could see over £5bn in costs from the UK public every year until 2035. The discovery was made by the government watchdog, OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility), earlier this month. The changes, originally brought in