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Unemployment Claimants Fall after Brexit

It was the vote that rocked the nation, but as the majority of Britain decided their country would be better off leaving the EU, fears and rumours surrounded the country about just what would happen once we severed our ties with the rest of Europe. One of

Universal Jobmatch Contact Number

0844 248 2557   Universal Jobmatch is the Government’s online job search service. Reasons why you may need to call the Universal Jobmatch contact number: To find out more about a certain vacancy. To get assistance building your profile or CV. To get help logging in, for

Post-Brexit : Experts still unsure about the future

The future for the UK post-Brexit is still uncertain, according to most experts on the economy. Many believe that there is a 50/50 chance of recession in the months following the UK leaving the EU officially. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) has found

Firms that used benefit claimants for unpaid work are revealed

It has been a hidden secret for years, but the firms that used benefit claimants for  free labour have finally been forced to reveal their true identities, as they were named and shamed in the media last week. Firms that were linked to Mandatory Work Activity were included

Housing Benefit Cuts – May urged to reverse changes

A cut to Housing Benefits is imminent after a 12-month allowance was placed on a number of changes which David Cameron wished to make on the Housing Benefits sector. If May refuses to address the issue or change the policies put in place last year, she could

The End of the University Grant

It was probably a long time coming, but yesterday, after many threats, saw the Government finally decide to abolish the university grant, that in the past has helped so many students attend university, even when they couldn’t afford it. The day was of course met with millions

HMRC heading for Customer Service collapse

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has found in a recent study that the wait time for people on the phone to the HMRC are, on average, waiting for 35 minutes to talk to an advisor. On average it also took 47 minutes to talk to an advisor for

Pensions Credit Helpline Phone Number

0844 826 0687 Do You Need the Pensions Credit Helpline Number? The Pensions Credit Helpline can be called if: You need to make a new claim or follow up a pending claim Your pension income has changed You need to report a change in circumstances that could

Students Loans after Brexit – How will you be affected?

Student loans are given to students are who starting undergraduate or postgraduate study at University. It is designed to help student afford tuition and living costs since leaving public education. The loan is also intended to pay for books and living expenses, as many students will live

UK VAT cut looking likely before 2020

New chancellor Phillip Hammond has announced this week that he will cut corporation VAT in the UK if it means that it will help the economy. Hammond also stated that if he goes ahead with the plans, that it might instill some faith back into the British