Nearly One Million People Wrongly Accused of ‘Late Tax’ by HMRC

Reports have emerged of Tax Inspectors trying to wrongly fine nearly 1 million people for late tax payments. The inspectors claimed nearly one million tax returns failed to be filed, which was in fact totally wrong information. The exact number of people affected stands at 963, 000,

Your rights as a parent in the UK

Whether you’re a new parent in the UK, or you’re looking to up your knowledge around your rights as a full-time parent or a parent in work, below is a guide for you. As a parent in the UK, you’re entitled to some rights and you should

HMRC Hires Additional Call Centre Staff

HMRC has hired 800 additional members of staff to work in its call centre, in an effort to reduce waiting times. This comes almost a year after the company hit headlines for making customers wait for up to an hour. The recruitment move brings the level of

Is the DVLA doing Enough to Tackle Counterfeit Licences?

Illegal drivers on the roads are not only breaking the law, but are also posing a great danger to other road users due to potentially being unaware of the rules of the road and not to mention probably driving a car that isn’t insured for their use.

Half of drivers clueless about cyclists’ rights on the road

You can feel the animosity between cyclists and car drivers on the road at times, but it’s not surprising when half of drivers admit that they’re clueless about cyclists’ rights on the road. With each incident on Britain’s roads, you can feel the hostility grow between those

NHS to be hit with £500m bill on return of post-Brexit pensioners

The NHS will possibly be hit with a £500 million a year bill on the return of thousands of British pensioners from European countries after Brexit, a report by the Nuffield Trust has predicted. Due to Europe negotiations, many retired British pensioners may not get care abroad

Everything You Need to Know About the New Driving Test Rules

Like it or not, in order to have a full driver’s licence you must pass a forty minute test put in place by the DVLA, which includes an assessment of your driving, one manoeuvre and a 5-10 minute independent drive during which you will follow road signs

Housing Benefit Cuts: The Worst Hit Areas

It’s no secret that the Tories have cut housing benefit, and despite their reasoning, there are certain parts of the UK that have been the hardest hit, causing devastation and homelessness amongst many young families. Recently, new research has emerged that reveals the 10 worst areas of

DWP PIP Assessments Produce Unfair Results

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have faced backlash after assessments for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) have been labelled “damaging” to mental health sufferers and have left thousands facing cuts or removal from the system unfairly. The PIP system is slowly taking over from the Disability