The Tax Credit Deadline is Getting Nearer

In a previous article, we spoke about whether or not you are eligible to receive child -tax credits. If you are a parent that does receive child tax credits, you will know that every April your situation is assessed and your claim is renewed for the following

FURTHER delays to Universal Credit

Ahh Universal Credit, the two elusive words filled with such promise, yet, (at the moment) delivering so little. Notorious for its constant delays, we are sorry to report that the Universal Credit switch has been pushed back even further as ministers announced even more delays just yesterday.

HMRC Targets Elderly in a Bid to Reclaim Tax

HM Revenue & Customs have set their sights on the Elderly, it would seem. According to a rise in complaints about the tax office, they are giving debts to bailiffs to collect, with no warning to the taxpayer. In most complaints, the individual has no idea that

Are you eligible for child tax credits?

Child Tax credits are financial support from the Government designed at helping those with children, or who are responsible for children. You can receive child tax credits if you both employed or out of work. If you are employed, your wage will be increased if you are

HMRC may have to pay out £55bn

HM Revenue & Customs have released a statement concerning the amount of money it will have to pay out, if it loses its current battles with taxpayers. The tax office had to calculate the amount in order to figure out how much it may need to pay out

Theresa May’s Benefit Challenge

Monday marked yet another historical day for Britain, as Angela Leadsom stepped down, leaving a proud Theresa may as current PM David Cameron’s successor. Today, David Cameron moves out, and Theresa May moves into the infamous Number 10, as she attempts to pick up where he left

HMRC IR35 Tool “Unachievable”

The new HMRC IR35 Tool was promised by the tax office back in May 2010, and now it will be fully available by April 2017. IR35 is a tax legislation which is aimed at identifying those individuals who are avoiding paying the tax that they should be

Self Employment after Brexit

Becoming Self Employed after the Brexit vote can seem daunting. However, the number of people becoming self employed is on the rise. In fact, the number of Self Employed people in the UK is the highest that it’s been for the past 40 years, and it’s not