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State Pension Age to Rise Again

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any higher, a new report released for the government has revealed that state pension age could rise again, leaving many people without a pension until the age of 70, meaning we will have to remain in work for longer than

New offices around the country for HMRC

HMRC is currently based in central London. The address for their current main offices can be found below: Advertisment 100 Parliament Street London SW1A 2BQ Although central to London itself, the government body has been criticised for not housing more offices or hubs for large cities away

Can I check my National Insurance contributions online?

National Insurance contributions are made by everyone in the UK, and allow you to qualify for other benefits such as the State Pension. You pay National Insurance contributions automatically if you are over 16, an employee making £155 a week, or are self-employed and earning more than £5965

Unemployment Claimants Fall after Brexit

It was the vote that rocked the nation, but as the majority of Britain decided their country would be better off leaving the EU, fears and rumours surrounded the country about just what would happen once we severed our ties with the rest of Europe. One of

Firms that used benefit claimants for unpaid work are revealed

It has been a hidden secret for years, but the firms that used benefit claimants for free labour have finally been forced to reveal their true identities, as they were named and shamed in the media last week. Firms that were linked to Mandatory Work Activity were included

The End of the University Grant

It was probably a long time coming, but yesterday, after many threats, saw the Government finally decide to abolish the university grant, that in the past has helped so many students attend university, even when they couldn’t afford it. The day was of course met with millions

Could this be the end of the DWP?

The DWP have come under fire in recent months, mainly because of the austerity that has been introduced by the Tory government. Welfare cuts have swept the nation, and have arguably targeted the most vulnerable in our society causing homelessness and poverty, and unsurprisingly, there are calls

National Living Wage 100 Days on

Today marks the 100th day since the implementation of the National Living Wage. To mark the date, the Resolution Foundation investigated the impact of the pay rise. The foundation analyses the living standards in the UK, and conducted the report on 500 organisations from June 6th-June 16th. Ipsos

Cutting Welfare will not Help Employment, According to Reports

A somewhat ironic report has been released that suggests cutting welfare such as housing benefit for unemployed people, will not result in higher employment, and in fact cuts to benefit entitlement make it less likely that people will find work. The report makes the allegations despite the