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Council Tax Contact Numbers

Department Phone Number
Council tax reductions 0844 453 0158
council tax payments 0844 453 0158
Complaints 0844 453 0158

Council Tax Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Market Street

Council tax Phone Line Opening Hours

Day Time
Mon-Fri 8.30 – 21.00
Weekends closed

Why Would I call the Council Tax Contact number?

  • You have just moved into a new property
  • You think you have been overcharged council tax
  • You think you have been undercharged council tax
  • To make a complaint to the tax office
  • You are having trouble paying your council tax online and would like to pay over the phone
  • You want to apply for a council tax benefit
  • You need to notify the tax office that you are moving house
  • You are having a dispute with your landlord over rent
  • You are late to pay your council tax
  • You want to find out your council tax band
  • You cannot find your council tax reference number

Paying Council Taxcouncil tax bill for sole adult resident

If you are aged 18 or over and either own or rent a property you will likely be required to pay council tax. When you receive a council tax bill it was usually be based on at least two adults living in the property, council tax is usually split between partners, roommates or spouses that are living together. If you are living in the household and count as an adult responsible for settling the bill, you must pay your fair share. You will have your council tax deducted if you are living on your own or you are the only person living in your home that counts as an adult, these deductions usually see you getting 50% off the overall bill. Student houses, where every person living in the house is a full-time student do not receive a council tax bill, with all students being exempt from paying. Paying council tax is not always as straightforward as everyone over 18 paying it, for example, if you are over 18 or 19 and still in full-time education, you will not be classed as a payer. other exemptions include student nurses, people with a severe mental impairment and live-in carers. If you are unsure whether or not you should be paying council tax, or have been charged when you think you should be exempt, then please call the council tax contact. Similarly, if you think your council tax should be discounted. There are several methods that you can use to pay your council tax, with most people now either paying it by direct debit or online. The Government website offers an easy way to pay it for anyone that is unsure, simply visit the ‘Pay your council tax’ page and enter your postcode. Alternatively, if you wish to pay in cash you can visit a local shop that has a ‘Paypoint’ which will accept payment for council tax by cash or card. The amount you owe will then be shown and you can pay it there and then. The council tax bill you receive will usually tell you the full amount of tax that you owe for the year, and then a breakdown of the dates you can pay it and how much to pay on each date. To spread it out, the council will spread the payments over 10 months in the year. if you think you have overpaid your council tax, you will usually receive an automatic refund from the council themselves, however, if you haven’t received this, please call the council tax contact so the issue can be resolved.

Council Tax Bands

Each postcode or area will have a different band for paying council tax so it is important to know which band is in place where you are living. To find this out you can simply visit the Government website and enter your postcode, your band will be given to you. If you think you have been given the wrong band you should either call the council tax contact or opt to ‘challenge your band’ online. A council tax band is based on how much a property is worth, however, valuation for England and Scotland has not taken place since 1991 so the council will consider any challenges carefully if you think your band is wrong. if you are eligible to challenge you can make a formal complaint online known as a proposal. Alternatively, you can call the contact number where they can challenge the band for you. If you do choose to challenge your council tax band, then valuations of your home will be based on properties of the same size and whether they pay more or less council tax than you do in your home. If you are not eligible to challenge you council tax band then please call the contact number where an appeal can be made for you. Please note that it can take up to three months to reach a decision.

Council Tax Number

The council tax reference number is needed for paying council tax online. The purpose of the council tax reference number is to distinguish each bill and each payment and so it is important that you recall it when paying your bill. To recover the reference number, you can find it on the top of your original bill or your recovery notice. Once logged in using your reference number, you can view your payment history as well as copies of any letters that you have previously received. You can then proceed to set up a direct debit if this is your preferred method of payment.


Council Tax Exemption

As previously mentioned, in some cases over 18 year olds are exempt from paying council tax, such as full-time students, student nurses and anyone studying languages under the British council. There is also exemption for live-in carers and those that are being cared for, such as the severely mentally impaired. If you think that you should be exempt from paying council tax but are still being included in the bill, please call the contact number to see if you are eligible for exemption. You may not be eligible for a total exemption but if you think you are paying too much, you can visit the Government website, enter a postcode and apply for a council tax discount.


council tax reductionCouncil Tax Reduction

The best way to see if you are eligible for a council tax reduction is by enquiring either over the phone or looking online with your postcode. if you are living alone and do not share your council tax bill with a partner, or if you live with children and you are the only paying adult, then you can be eligible for as much as a 50% deduction of council tax. Living with a disability can also mean you get a deduction on your council tax You may be living in a larger property that you only need because one (or more) occupants are disabled. To prove this and therefore be eligible for a reduction you will need to show the council that you have an extra room (bathroom, bedroom) that you need for that disabled person as well as extra space, perhaps to manoeuvre a wheelchair. The disabled occupant does not have to be a responsible payer of the council tax bill and can be a child as long as they are a permanent resident of that property.

About Council Tax

Anyone who is aged 18 or over and either rents or owns a home will be required to pay council tax. Council tax is a tax that is paid depending on the value of the house you own or live and how many people live in that house. the charge was introduced in 1993 by the Local Government Finance Act 1992. Depending on circumstances, it is possible for people to be exempt from tax payments or pay one that is discounted/reduced. There are also properties that are exempt from the tax. it is thought that council tax has half a property element and half a personal element, with deductions often being made for those living in a single occupancy. Council tax only contributes to a small amount (25%) of the Government’s revenue.