0843 208 2373

directgov contact number


Additional Directgov Contacts:

Department Contact Number
Benefits 0843 208 2373
Work & Pensions 0843 208 2373
Transport 0843 208 2373

Directgov Opening Hours:

Day Opening Hours
Mon- Fri 8am – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 4pm

Why would I call the Directgov contact number?

  • You want to apply for a provisional driving licence
  • You have lost your driving licence
  • You are having trouble with your benefits
  • You have received an overpayment of benefits
  • You would like to know what vacancies are in your area
  • You would like to see when the next driving test date is available
  • You would like to book your theory test
  • You would like to cancel your theory test
  • You would like to rearrange your driving test
  • You would like to apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance/Universal Credit
  • You would like to arrange your car’s MOT test
  • You have misplaced your car’s V5C logbook
  • You would like to register a new vehicle
  • You have a change in circumstances, such as a change of address and a new licence is needed


About Directgov

First launched in 2004, the Directgov website replaced the UK online portal. Directgov is basically a website designed to answer all of your questions, and help user’s needs when it comes to things like benefits, work, pensions, driving tests and owning a car. In 2004 when the website first launched, it has 300, 000 visitors a month, and today it has over 10 million people that seek the help of its services. Directgov is the home to many things, including the place to book your theory and driving tests as well as claim benefits and apply for work. The website lists vacancies that are in your area. The information resource also has a Welsh version of the site, and also caters to users from Northern Ireland, to keep up with their ever-growing traffic. The site is now open to a number of functions, and you can find many useful links by visiting it. Some of them include; Document applications (applying for a passport, driving licence etc) and budget documents which provides all the live information coming straight from the chancellor’s speech on budget day. To do this Directgov is now engaging in using the power of social media (in particular regularly updating their Twitter feed). As well as nationwide services, local services are also available on the website, you simply need to enter your postcode to find out what is available near you. The search bar provided on the website can help you find what you are looking for, but if you would like a more specific or further insight into what you are looking for, please call the Directgov contact number and you will be put through to the correct adviser to deal with your call.

Directgov Benefits

Benefits is a huge sector that is addressed on the Directgov website and it deals with all manner of areas within the benefit category such as:

Benefit Entitlement

It can sometimes get confusing to know what and what you’re not entitled to when it comes to benefits and by visiting the Directgov website or calling their contact number, you will be able to quickly and easily find out what you are entitled to in terms of financial support. The Directgov website provides a deep insight into the world of benefits, not only telling you if you’re entitled but also how you go about claiming and an explanation into benefit fraud. They also have a guide on moving from benefits into work and what is the best action to take with this.

Child Benefit

directgov benefits

directgov benefits

Child Benefit entitlement can vary from regular benefits because it stops when a child reaches a certain age. There has also been a recent cut to it in that it is only available for the two first born children in the family. The Directgov contact number of the website will tell you all that you need to know in terms of entitlement and how long the financial support lasts. It also informs you of what occurs if you leave the UK or if you are a new UK resident, re-paying any child benefit over-payments and also a guide on what you are entitled to if you are not a parent, but a guardian, meaning there is still a child in your care. There is support available from the Directgov contact number about what to do when your child has turned 16 and you are no longer entitled to child benefit.


Housing and Heating Benefit

If you are entitled to housing benefit, which is support for your rent payments, you may be entitled to other things such as a cold weather payment which can help you pay heating bills in the winter months. Other support may be a free TV licence. The Directgov website also provides information from local councils regarding housing benefit, which is useful to read as it may vary depending on your area. If you are not entitled to full housing benefit, still visit the Directgov website, or call the contact number if you are struggling because you may be eligible for other payments such as a reduction in your council tax.

Carer and Disability Allowance

This works slightly differently, and Directgov explains it all. They offer the opportunity to apply for benefits on behalf of someone who may not be able to do it themselves as well as a full explanation into who is entitled to Carer’s Allowance. You can also get the full lowdown on the new and controversial Personal Independence Payments (PIP) to see if you are entitled and where you stand with receiving financial support, whether you yourself are disabled or whether you care for someone who is. The website will keep you updated on the ever-changing benefits system, but if you are having any problems applying or are not sure if you are eligible, please call the DirectGov contact number.

Directgov Driving and Transport

directgov driving

directgov driving

Directgov also deals with the world of driving, working alongside the DVLA, right from when you first apply for your theory test, to providing you with available dates for your practical, to issuing you with points for speeding on your licence. The website and contact number are home to pretty much everything you need to know  about the world of driving, rules of the road, and the responsibility that comes with owning a car. You can also find out what happens to driving when you have a disability or health condition. The site doesn’t just issue you with a licence to drive a car, it also allows you to apply for a lorry or motorbike licence. Directgov is the place to visit when you want to apply for your driving licence, as well as when you want to book your test, giving you a choice of time and day slots for test centres in your area. Prices for theory and practical tests are included on the website, but if you want any further information regarding your driving test please call the contact number. Driving tests are non-refundable but can be rearranged if you find you are not ready or cannot make the test you have booked. There is usually a long wait for driving tests so make sure you book your test in advance. However, there are cancellations from other learner drivers that do become available if you are lucky. Directgov can also come in handy if you are revising for your theory driving test as it includes a full explanation of the highway code including practice questions, showing you what to expect on the day.

If you are a fully qualified driver and would like to teach driving yourself, the Directgov website also provides information on how to go about doing this.


Directgov Jobs and Work

Applying for a job can be stressful, but the Directgov website helps you along the way by listing vacancies in your area.

If you already have a job but are unsure of your rights in the workplace including, sick leave, holidays, time off and maternity and paternity leave Directgov has a guide so that you can ensure you are being treated fairly by your employer. If you find yourself made redundant or dismissed, you can also call the Directgov contact number to see what your rights are and if you have been dismissed fairly. it is now the law for workplaces to provide employees the opportunity to pay into a pension and all the information regarding this can also be found on the Directgov website. Other information regarding work and pensions available includes contracts and working hours, finding a job, being in the armed forces, becoming part of a trade union, and information regarding your pay, tax payments that are required, and the national minimum wage.

Above is just a small list of the main type of information that is provided by Directgov either over their contact number or on their website. Please call the contact number if you have an issue you wish to discuss and you are not sure whether or not it will be listed on the Directgov website.