Job Seekers Allowance Contact Number

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0844 248 2557


Job Seeker’s Allowance Contact Numbers:

Department Phone Number
Applications 0844 248 2557
Complaints 0844 248 2557

Jobseeker’s Allowance Telephone Opening Hours

Day Opening Hours
Monday 08:00am – 18:00pm
Tuesday 08:00am – 18:00pm
Wednesday 08:00am – 18:00pm
Thursday 08:00am – 18:00pm
Friday 08:00am – 18:00pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Jobseeker’s Allowance Postal Address

The Jobseeker’s Allowance postal address isn’t one fixed address, as the agency is spread over the entire country. To find the address you need to send your letter to, simply search “[your address or postcode] nearest Job Centre” or “Job Centres [your town name]” and find the address closest to yours. With the advent of map and directions services like Google Maps, this is easier than ever! Often, the routes to the different Job Centres will be highlighted for you and compared to show you which is the closest. That’s the one you want.


Why Should I call the Job Seeker’s Allowance Contact Number?

  • Find out how to claim Job Seekers Allowance
  • Inform your Job Centre if you are unable to make an appointment
  • Enquire about a missing payment
  • Inform the Job Centre about a change in circumstances
  • Make  a complaint about Job Seekers Allowance
  • Inform somebody of an overpayment
  • You have made a claim but have not received payment
  • Inform the Job Centre you cannot make your weekly meeting
  • You have been sanctioned and you are unsure why
  • You want to ask if you are eligible for Job Seeker’s Allowance


Can I claim Job Seeker’s Allowance?

You must be over the age of 18 and below the State Pension age to claim Job Seeker’s Allowance. To get it, you must be a UK resident that is able and available to work as well as actively seeking it. This, therefore, means you cannot be in full-time education.

You can still get Job Seeker’s Allowance if you are working but it cannot exceed 24 hours per week and you cannot have more than £16,000 in savings.

How much money will I get?

Most claimants will begin on contribution-based JSA. After six months, or if you have paid enough National Insurance contributions, you may be entitled to income-based JSA. The former provides £57.35 per week for those between 16 and 24, and £72.40 for anyone over the age of 25. The latter provides the same amount for single people and single parents. However, couples aged 18 or over will get a weekly amount of £113.70.

Which Jobseeker’s Allowance do I apply for?applying for job seeker's allowance

There is only one available sort of Jobseeker’s Allowance, and it is the same across the board. To apply, you need to either apply online at the official website, or call our jobseeker’s allowance contact number. Once that’s done, you’ll receive a phone call to arrange the date and time of your jobseeker’s allowance interview, which will be held at your nearest Job Center or Job Centre Plus. You have to bring two forms of identification (for example a passport and driving licence) plus your P45, if you’ve got one, to the interview, and may bring someone with you for support (or, in the case of a child, so you don’t need to get a nursery).

At the interview, you sign an agreement to look for work, called the Claimant Commitment, which will be custom-written for you by your work coach at the interview. The work coach will take into account things like your health, your home responsibilities and how much help you are likely to need, then lay out how much work you are expected to do towards finding a job each week. This will include things like writing CVs, registering with recruitment agencies, and searching for vacancies. Once you’ve signed and agreed to it, you will need to continue doing that much work each week towards finding employment, or you may lose your entitlement to Jobseeker’s Allowance.


Who can claim Jobseeker Allowance?

You are entitled to Jobseeker’s Allowance if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are 18 or over (with a few exceptions for 16-17-year-olds, call our contact line for more information)
  • You are younger than the State Pension age
  • You are not in full-time education such as school or university
  • You are available to work should you be offered a job
  • You live in England, Scotland, or Wales
  • You are looking for work
  • You work, on average, under 16 hours per week

Part-time students are eligible for Jobseeker’s Allowance, but only if they do everything they can to help the search for a job, including working fully with their Work Coach, and they take a job if it is offered.

If you are looking for employment but you want to take a short course (of two weeks or less) that will be full-time over that period, you should talk to your work coach to ensure you keep your benefits over this period.

When is Jobseeker’s Allowance paid?

Jobseeker’s Allowance is usually paid every two weeks, dependent on your attendance at the job centre and your ability to show that you are trying to find a job. When you apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance, you will be asked for your bank details, credit union account or building society account, and your benefits will be paid into that account. You may only be paid by different means if you have trouble opening an account due to your circumstances and cannot use financial accounts as a result.


What Must You Do To Keep Job Seeker’s Allowance?

There are several conditions that Job Seekers must agree to in order to receive their benefits. You must attend an interview at your nearest Job Centre on a regular basis. This can be every week or every two weeks. At these interviews, you will speak to an adviser about what work you have sought since your last meeting. This will generally include sending out applications but could also include networking. You will have to demonstrate this in a diary or via the government’s job site Universal Jobmatch.

Failure to agree to these conditions will result in your Job Seekers Allowance being discontinued. Depending on the seriousness of your failure, this could be up to three years. Other actions that will result in a cancellation of your state benefits will include turning down a job, refusing to attend a meeting (you must call the Job Seekers Allowance contact number if you cannot attend) or leaving any training you have been assigned by the Department For Work And Pensions without good reason.

the job centre wolverhamptonAbout Job Seeker’s Allowance

Job Seekers Allowance is a form of state benefit that is available to those who are currently looking for work. It’s a means-tested benefit that relies on its recipient agreeing to demonstrate searching for employment. For most people, it requires going to a local job centre to provide evidence of your job search and speak to an adviser about possible options. Call the Job Seekers Allowance contact number for more information.

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